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A personal message from Rod Cortez, founder of TheDatePro.com

From: Rod Cortez
Thursday Morning, 10:32 am PST

Dear friend,


f you are seriously looking to get more dates with attractive women, regardless of age, race, money, and physical looks, then you will need to learn the following:
  • How to talk to women in a way that creates attraction
  • How to approach women without looking like a stalker or desperate
  • How to seduce a woman once attraction has escalated
  • How to communicate with women in such a way that will hold her interest
  • What to do on a first date
  • How to arouse a woman and get her into the bedroom
  • How to create a creative, witty, personality that will make you virtually irresistible
  • How to overcome fear, shyness, and nervousness once and for all
  • How to create the right mindset you MUST develop (hint- this is 98% of your success)

Once you are able to learn these valuable skills you too will see dramatic success with your interactions with hot women.

It really doesn't matter if you are a college student. It doesn't matter if you're a divorced man, corporate professional, a total beginner, or an older man looking to date younger women. I know this to be true because I've seen this with my own eyes.

Just in case you were wondering, each of the 22 women that I dated in one week were all attractive. Now this was not a typical week for me, but it's nice to know that I can date as many women as I want whenever I want. I just wanted to see if I could do it.

You see, many, many years ago I was very shy around really attractive women. I had no clue on what to say or do. Even worse, when I'd occasionally get lucky and actually go out on a first dateI STILL had no idea on what to do.

It was incredibly frustrating to see other guys, who I thought weren't any better looking or smarter than I was, having a lot of success with women. It soon became obvious to me that they were doing something that I wasn't.

After years of frustration I finally made a concrete decision that I was going to do whatever it took to have more social success. And that's when things starting turning around for me.

I read all the dating books, audio CDs, and even attended some high-price seminars. But you want to know something? I really didn't start seeing consistent success until I started APPLYING what I learned.

That was many years ago. Since then I've developed my own SYSTEMS for changing your INNER mindset as well as techniques to use out in the field. Keep on reading to see how I did it.

How I Turned My Dating Failure Into Massive Success

Recently I was in an ice cream shop because I was craving something sweet. I was with a friend of mine and as I was placing my order he gently elbowed me in the ribs which meant that an attractive woman was close by.

I completely ignored his signal and finished ordering my Cheesecake ice cream. But from the corner of my eye I saw a lone woman, with long, dark hair, waiting in line to place her order.

After I grabbed my ice cream my buddy and I sat in the table that was outside of the shop. That's when my friend said, "Wow, that woman was really hot, why didn't you look at her?"

I gave him a serious look and said, "Because that would have made me obvious."

As the woman exited the ice cream shop, I said a few words to her and she returned with a big smile. Within seconds we were talking like we were old friends.

I got her e-mail address and phone number and I even set up a time where we could meet later on. The expression on my friend's face was priceless.

A couple weeks ago my friends and I went to a Sushi bar for happy hour. There was a group of loud, rowdy girls on the other side of the sushi bar.

My friends dared me to go over and talk to them. So I formulated my plan, got up, walked over there, made a couple comments and then came back to my friends.

"What happened?" my buddies asked.

"Just give it a few minutes," I replied.

Inside of 2 minutes, one of the really attractive girls waved me over. After a few minutes of laughing I came back to my friends with several phone numbers. We also moved our group to sit next to these girls.

I don't tell these true stories to brag or anything like that. In fact, if you scroll down this web page right now, you will see plenty of testimonials from men that I've helped.

I tell these stories because these kinds of things happen to me all the time! I want you to know that this is very possible. Now, I know what you're thinking, and the answer is "no."

I don't hit a home run every time I approach women, but neither do professional base ball players! And all that counts is that they try and eventually get those home runs.

Meeting, Talking to, and Dating Attractive women is very much the same thing. I'm going to give you some KILLER tips that will make a difference this week, just make sure you subscribe to my free lessons if you haven't done so already.

So how did I go from being the shiest guy in my freshman high school class, to being moderately successful in college, to having MASSIVE dating success in my adult years?

Did it really take that many years to transform myself?

Well, yes and no. Let me explain. When I was growing up and started hitting my teenage years, I thought that this was just the way it was. I mean, I thought that an average-looking, short guy like me would never date any hot girls.

I really believed that's just the way it was.

But as I got older and a bit wiser, I began to notice that there were men out there, who were actually uglier than I was and they seemed to have no problem dating attractive girls.

I couldn't figure it out. My life changed in high school when this guy named Jeff, who was my height and of average-looks, began dating a lot of girls. And they weren't ugly, in fact, many of them were downright gorgeous!

I couldn't believe my eyes. So I began hanging out with him and I observed everything he did and said. I knew at that point that if he could do it so could I.

So I started asking girls out. I had some moderate success, but nothing to write home about. I was determined to date hot women no matter what the price. I read books. I order tapes.

In college I pledged for a fraternity thinking that was the holy grail to hot chicks. Boy, was I wrong. I was great at getting girls to talk to me and go out with me, but only as friends.

Then finally, one day, it all came together! I had made friends with a group of guys that were VERY average-looking, most of them were short, but they were surrounded by beautiful women.

Ah, they must be rich boys, I thought to myself. But I was wrong, most of them were dirt broke, except one, and he was your average, everyday middle class guy.

But these guys carried themselves differently. They dressed really well and had a way of talking to women that I had NEVER heard before. It was a real eye-opener.

In just the last two years alone I've gone out and dated over a dozen women, most of them in the 9 to 10 category. As you continue reading you'll see that I'm telling the truth.

Before we can really get started, however, let me shatter a few myths that I've heard or read over the years:

Dating Myth #1:

You Have To Look Like A Model, Frat-Boy, or Be Very Handsome To Date Attractive Women

When I ask men around the world, from all ages, why they are having problems dating attractive women, I usually hear the same answer. "I'm not good-looking enough".

FACT: Women are NOT attracted to physical looks the same way men are. Ask any attractive woman on the street and ask her where she ranks physical looks, you'll find that it's NEVER #1 (that is, if she is telling you the truth).

Men see a hot babe and they become aroused, women see a man and they look at different things such as how he carries himself. Is he communicating non-verbally that he is a confident, sexually-aware man?

Yes, there are some women that only care about good-looking men. They wouldn't dare"lower" themselves to dating someone that is not physically attractive. I'm here to tell you when youmeet someone like this you have two choices:

1) Don't waste your time on her OR...

2) Take your understanding of how attraction really works, after you read my free lessons, and use it on her.

Personally, when I meet someone like this I take it as a challenge. In fact, there are a couple of powerful things you can say to a woman like this to begin escalating the attraction to you, without her even knowing it.

Does this work all the time? Heck no, nothing does. Beware of any other websites or authors that claim that their "stuff" works ALL the time. I've dated over a hundred women and have master-minded with some of the best in the industry. Trust me, nothing works 100% of the time.

But if you know what you're doing and can learn to have fun with this, you'll turn around more of these "tough" situations more often than you ever thought possible.

Why? Because I KNOW there are plenty of attractive women that don't place such a high VALUE on physical looks. I know this for a FACT because I'm not a good-looking guy. I've got students who have acne problems, are very short, even one fellow who is in a wheelchair! Mindset and personality are your two STRONGEST assets as far as I'm concerned.

Once you know how to build up your confidence and learn the techniques and "psychology" on what works on women, you have no limits!

Dating Myth #2:

Being "Yourself" Is The Worst Thing You Can Do When Being Around Attractive Women

I was reading an article in a very well-known men's magazine that said, "Being yourself is the WORST thing that you can do if you want to date really hot women."

This implies that you have to lie, manipulate, and be someone totally different in order to attract women to you. This simply isn't true.

The good news is that you CAN be "yourself" and still have great success with women. However, there is a catch......

If what you haven't been doing (or NOT doing) has not been working for you, then you have to do something different. Let's say that you have never played the game of football. If you were thrown into the middle of a football game without knowing the rules, what would your chances of succeeding be?

Correct. Zero.

You would not only need to learn the rules for playing football, but you would also have to practice and scrimmage to learn the game right?

So imagine trying to play the "game of dating" without knowing the rules. Even worse, imagine knowing only SOME of the rules and trying to play the game without "practicing."

Once you've learned the rules to football and have learned to play the game, aren't you still the same person? Of course you are. However, you'll have to play the game within the rules of the game. And this is where most men fail miserably. They fail to acquire new skills to learn how to play the game.

So you can still be "yourself", as long as you play within the rules. More on this as we progress.....

FACT: Who you are comes from your upbringing, genetics, influences from teachers, parents, peers, co-workers, your culture, and many other variables. Who "you" are is almost entirely subjective, meaning that you can still be yourself and still learn how to date, talk to, and meet attractive women.

Side note: Studies show that most men ultimately want to meet the right woman and settle down into a long-term relationship. Dating is one of the paths that all men take to find that one special someone. Ultimately both people will let down their guard and play by a whole new set of rules, known as "relationship rules". But that's another web site entirely.....stay tuned!

Dating Myth #3:

Virtually All Attractive Women Are Gold-Diggers And Only Care About Material Things Like Nice Cars, Nice Jewelry, and Having A Nice Lifestyle

This one really gets my blood boiling. I've heard men around the world tell me that they wouldn't want to date or marry a really attractive woman because all they care about is money or material things.

And to add fuel to that fire, they continue with saying things like, "And I'm not rich."

The reason why this gets my blood boiling is because it's simply not true. Men that believe this and say things like this are basically giving up before they even get started or even try.

Are there women that are like this? Of course! Even some ugly and average-looking women are like this! This is why I say when you spot a gold-digger or overly materialistic woman, I wouldn't even waste my time with her.

The fact is that most attractive women want the same thing that most, normal, healthy women want. A committed relationship and man who will run through hot coals for her. Studies have shown that this is one of their ultimate goals (remember, I said "most", not "all"). Of course there are women that are not looking for anything serious and only want to casually date - you just need to know how to tell the difference (it's easier than you think).

However, don't mistake "being rich" with being "financially stable". Most women like to see financial stability in a man. But there are always exceptions. I've dated many women in my college years who didn't care that I only made $6.50 an hour with a part-time job because all they really cared about was how I made them feel.

If you understand how attraction works and how to create it on demand, then it becomes MORE of how you make her feel than anything else.

FACT: I have a therapist friend of mind who has discovered that many of his attractive clients have a deep fear of never meeting the right man. In fact, some of them disclosed that their own beauty kept them from finding a man who will truly love them for who they are.

So if a really attractive woman gives you attitude, don't just walk away. Call her on it. If you want to know what you should say, subscribe to my free lessons, I give you the answer in there. Yeah, I know, I'm sneaky like that.

Dating Myth #4:

You Can Pick Up On Hot, Attractive Women With "Magic" Pick Up Lines And Other "Secret" Techniques Overnight - Once You Know The Secrets

You've seen those "other" web sites. You know what I'm talking about. The ones that promise that you will get 3 dates guaranteed by this weekend. They promise you can pick up on really hot women using their super-duper-double-twist-stealth-pick-up line.

They promise even if you're bald, fat, and dress like a slob, you can pick up hot women "easily", as they put it.

I lose sales to my competition by telling you the truth and not making ridiculous claims like that. Hey, if talking to women in such a way to get them interested in you was so easy, trust me, I'd say the same thing. The fact is, I've identified several key areas that men have to master before they become a complete dating master.

If you don't get one of these key areas handled or know what they are, you'll be scratching your head why you couldn't get her phone number. Or even worse, you've done everything right and even got her into your bedroom, but then you end up violating one of the key areas, and she gets up and leaves.

The fact is that the whole dating process from the initial eye contact, to the approach, to conversation, to getting her contact information, going on the first date, etc. are all learned skills. So this means two things:

#1. Anyone can learn how to do this. Since learning how to date attractive women is composed of different skill sets, this means that you can learn how to do this.

#2. It's going to take time and practice to "master" this stuff. Sure, I could sell more of my products and services by making claims that you're going to quickly and easily master this stuff and start picking up on Carmen Electra and Hometown Hottie look-alikes by next Tuesday.

And yes, some of my students have actually done this, but it's not the typical results. The good news is that you can start seeing immediate improvements on your game by just doing a few things differently.

Why? Because the fact is for most men it's going to take some time and some work on your part. That's just reality. But the good news is that once you do master the techniques and the key areas, you WILL be able to do this easily. But like any new set of skills like reading, writing, playing a musical instrument, learning martial arts, it is going to take time.

You can simply speed up your learning curve by simply doing more.

Dating Myth #5:

Deep Down, Women Want A "Nice, Sincere" Man

Most of the time if you ask a woman what kind of man she wants she'll say, "I want a nice guy". She also might say things like "a guy who's smart and funny" and "a guy who will treat me right."

Ok, this is what women normally say. Yet, you're a nice, funny guy and she isn't giving you the time of day. What gives? In fact, you're a VERY nice guy.

Most men misunderstand a woman when she says a "nice man". They think they have to buy her drinks or gifts to please her. They also think that they need to "please" her and never say anything that might "upset" her. The problem with this way of thinking is that men begin acting insecure and needy. They go out of their way to please her and don't want to upset or offend her.

Women are attracted to real men, not door mats. If you let a woman walk all over you because you want to be the "nice guy", she will almost immediately begin losing attraction to you. Of course, some women love dating weak men because they have "control issues" and love having men at their beck and call. However, studies show that women that are like this tend to be quite lonely and miserable inside.

You can still be a gentleman and open the door for her. You still should push the chair behind her if you go out to eat. But don't think for one minute that you should be "overly nice" and try too hard to get her affections.

In fact, if you can just do one thing that I teach when it comes to meeting and talking to women, you'll be ahead of 99% of all "nice men" that just don't get it.

Let's take a short break here and see what a couple of my students have to say......

"Rod's book is brilliant..."

"...after I ordered it, I did read it two times and followed up on the assignments. I met the woman of my dreams. lol Just to give you an update, that was about a year ago, I've since marriedher and we got married at Disney World.

All the stuff in your book, helped greatly with my relationship. I even got my friend to buy your book. He is just starting to understand things about dating much better. He is very excited.

Take care,

Jon Scott, Long Island, USA

"I've worked in night clubs for more than 11 years..."

".... and after reading your material, I can hands down sayyou know what you're talking about. Even I picked up a few great pointers. Your communication chapter shouldbe a must-read for all men!

Take care,

Stephen M., Kansas, USA

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Ok, now back to the rest of the myths.....

Dating Myth #6:

You Can Seduce Women Using Suggestive and Scientific Programming Techniques Used By Psychology Experts

I've seen a lot of material that brags how they can teach you how to have unlimited women at your beck and call by using special programming techniques. I've even seen people try and convince men that they can use hypnosis to make women attracted to them.

Now let's think about that one for a minute. A lot of people misuse the term NLP or neuro-linguistic programming in the context of getting women. You can use NLP on yourself to change your own behaviors, but don't be misled thinking you can use NLP or other methods to make a woman fall for you, such as hypnosis.

It just doesn't work that way.

Once you understand how all the components of attraction works, you will no longer be fooled by all that other stuff that just plain doesn't work. You see, women aren't just attracted to you by one thing.

It's a whole recipe of different ingredients, when put together properly, make for a powerful combination that will significantly boost your chances with women.

FACT: I have a friend who is a licensed therapist with a degree in Psychology. When I asked him about this, he got on the phone and called all his colleagues. And according to him and his network of experts, there isn't one single shred of scientific proof that you can program a woman to like you.

It's also a fact that you cannot hypnotize anyone who does not WANT to be hypnotized. Go to any professional hypnotist and ask her that and she will agree. This is why I laugh when I see some of the claims other people make. I KNOW for a fact they are lying.

Dating Myth #7:

There Is Only One "Right Woman" Out There That You Are Compatible With

A lot of men suffer from what I call "tunnel vision." Too often in my coaching sessions I hear men say things like, "I like this one particular girl and I really want to find a way to get her to like me" or "I've lost the love of my life, I'll never find anyone else like her."

It's true that if you do not get a date with a woman that you like, you will not find anyone exactly like her, because we're all unique. However, some men give away their power almost immediately when they begin focusing their attention on just one person.

The reality is that no matter who you are, you are compatible with more than one person. In fact, we as human beings have the capacity to be compatible with hundreds of thousands of other people from the opposite sex.

The biggest road blocks for most men is the lack of belief that this is possible for them, the lack of belief in their own abilities, and even worse, not getting help because of ego or pride.

So if you strike out with a woman who is at work, a long time friend, a classmate, or even someone you've just met, don't treat it like you've lost your shot. Don't rob yourself of your own personal power by thinking you "have to have her" or that you've lost "the one."

I can't even begin to tell you how many e-mails I get from around the world from men (and even women) who say they fell in love with someone after having met them. They haven't even dated this person yet or have seen them in all their light (and all their bad moods), how can they even use the word "love"?

So remember, there isn't just "one" person out there for you. Holding onto that kind of belief robs you of taking action and moving forward. I see it all the time, so make sure you don't get stuck in that mode.

Dating Myth #8:

Thinking All Attractive Women Are Exactly The Same

Too often I hear things like "all women cheat" or "all women are liers" or "all women are...".

Most men feel this way after a very bad break up or divorce. They also feel this way if they've tried their hand at dating only to have successive failures (though really, you only truly fail if you give up).

When men begin feeling failure when it comes to dating women, instead of getting help, they usually lash out in the form of negative thoughts and behavior. They tend to blame others and circumstances instead of taking accountability for themselves.

In fact, I have a very good friend right now who is stuck in those mode. And it's ashame, because he's had women approach HIM and he's turned them down. He has a very negative attitude toward women and it's killing his game.

Yes, women do have certain traits, as do men, that they share in common. However, putting all women in the same category is purely based on emotion and not logical, objective thinking (note how I bolded the word "feel" in the second paragraph.

Until you can get over any hang ups you have about women, regardless of your age and experience, you'll never be able to have true dating success. Why? Because these internal beliefs, thoughts, and feelings are going to come out no matter how hard to try to hide it, or even worse, ignore it.

So stop thinking all women are the same. If you see them as unique people with their own set of beliefs, background, and experience, you're going to increase your chances for success tenfold. I'm dead serious about that.

Dating Myth #9:

Reading E-books, Books, And Attending Seminars Will Bring You Dating Success

I often scratch my head and wonder why people will buy a book or even pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a seminar, and then never go out into the world and take any action.

You can read all the newsletters, books, and listen to all the CDS in the world, but the ONLY way you are going to get better at this is by taking consistent and massive action, especially if you want to speed up the learning curve.

Too often smart, intelligent men will read my material and try to "analyze" it. Then they go out and try my tips and techniques a couple of times, they strike out and then they deduce that this stuff doesn't work.

Even worse they don't take any action at all.

Attraction and dating hot women is very counter-intuitive which means your common sense and logical analysis is only going to do you more harm than good.

I see way too many men lose the dating game from the get-go simply because they think doing certain things will not work for them. Without really trying and going for it 110%, you are bound to fail.

So make sure when you read or listen to someone's book, go out and try it. Not just once but many times. Taking action is critical to your success.

Dating Myth #10:

You Shouldn't Even Bother Approaching Really Attractive, Hot Women Because They Are Out Of Your League And They Are Going To Reject You Anyway

Approaching women takes courage. If you don't know what to say or do, you're going to walk up to her and stutter. Were you aware that men list "approaching attractive women" as one of their top fears, after public speaking, dying, and being left alone?

Why is it then men fear approaching women? Where did men learn that they can't talk to another human being simply because of they way they look?

I could place the blame on the media and society at large, but it's not that simple. But for the sake of this web site, let me just say we've all been conditioned to accept this belief. It's time you took that false belief and gave it an early retirement.

The reality is, when you know how, you can approach any woman you want, wherever you want, and just about anytime you want. If you know what you're doing. Remember how I said that dating women is a learned skill made up of a subset of skills?

You see some men are awesome at approaching women, getting their contact information (2 separate skills right there), but blow it on the first date.

Other men are horrible at the approach, but every now and then they get lucky, and they know exactly what to do on the first date.

Some men are legendary in the bedroom and know how to please a woman and bring her to multiple orgasms, but they are horrible at approaching women and talking to them.

Once you master each skill subset, you will have mastered the art and science of talking to, meeting, and dating attractive women.

FACT:A woman never rejects you. Stay with me on this one, this is how shifting your way of thinking can give you the edge in the dating world.

First off, if a woman is not interested in your approaches, there is a 70-80% chance that is has nothing to do with you. Most men think that 99% of the time it's because she doesn't like you. Hey, she doesn't even know you yet!

Secondly, she just lost an opportunity to go out with a fun, smart, happening guy. Once you lock your mindset into this way of thinking (and the dozens of other key things that I teach), you will never get rejected again. Ever.

Even better, how would you like to learn how to have women approach and come to you? I've come up with a few methodologies where you can have women approach you. Stay tuned!

Dating Myth #11:

The Best Way To Learn How To Be Successful With Women Is To Learn From A Woman

I always get a good laugh when I see a web site that was put up by a woman that says, "you can only learn this stuff from a woman!".

Here's something they don't tell you. Did you know that the most successful men in the world with women learn from other successful men?

And I know I'm going to get flack for this, but most women do not have a fundamental understanding on what causes attraction! This is why women say things like "I want a nice guy" but end up dating a bad boy or the cocky and funny guy.

It's because attraction is so powerful that it's not something that women can control. A powerful example of this is when women tell me they don't date men shorter than them, yet I routinely get them to give me their phone numbers and we end up having a great time!

When you know how attraction works, how to create it, and how to amplify it, it's difficult for a woman to be logical about going out with you or not.

But I'll be honest here, there are many great female dating coaches out there. I know this because I've master minded and exchanged notes with many of them.

You really can learn from both, however, you are only getting one woman's perspective. Whereas a successful man has dated different women, and she's only dated men, think about it.

In my own experience I have learned from both, but I got the best material and education from other men.

Here’s Why You’re Having So Much Trouble Getting Women To Pay Attention To You.....

The #1 complaint I get from men of all ages is that they are not sure what to say to attractive women. They either become "shy" or they end up "scaring" her away.

The #2 complaint I get from men is that they are not sure how to get a woman's attention and keep it. They are unsure what to do on that first date.

If you're one of these men, then let me challenge you a bit to look at things a little differently. And this is really profound, so listen up:

Quit worrying about she thinks and start worrying more about yourself!Seriously. Do you get hair cuts often? Are you finger nails clean? Are you clothesclean? What does your appearance say about yourself?

What about your body language? Does it exude confidence? Do you walk upright or witha lowered hunch? Do you make extended eye contact with everyone? Or do you look awaytoo soon?

What about your attitude? Are you willing to try and learn something new from someonewho has already done it?

The #1 reason why men fail with their dating game has nothing to do with women. It haseverything to do with what they think about themselves and how they non-verballycommunicate to other people.

What YOU think about and believe about yourself is what is holding you back. Until you accept this, you will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER have any consistent dating success.

And if you've invested time in approaching a hot woman and taking her out to dinner, and you've invested money on the date and she still doesn't seem interested, then what are you doing wrong?

Let's say you've even been the "perfect" gentlemen. And she's still not returning your phone calls. What's going on here?

Here's the main reason why.....

Most of Things That You Were Taught About Attraction and Dating Were Just Plain Wrong!

Here's a sampling of a few of them.....

1. "For a *First Date* you should take her out to dinner and a movie." This is one of the worst ideas. This is what my own mother taught me. Sorry mom, I love you, but that idea never worked for me. Virtually every guy does this. And they end up pay $50, 100, or even more on the date. They do this without even "pre-qualifying" her. If you're a sales professional, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

They ask a girl that they like out. It doesn't matter if it was at a college campus, after a board room meeting, at a mall, or some social function. One of the first dates they go on is a dinner and a movie.

The moment she asks what you're going to be doing, most men either say, "I don't know" or a "dinner and a movie. How boring. Not only that, it's going to cost you money. And what if she turns out to be someone you don't like? You're stuck with her until the end of the date.

I've got some much better ideas that work and will hardly cost you anything. In fact, on my last two dates, she ended up paying for me.

2. "If I'm really nice to her, give her flowers, and show her I'm a great catch, she'll go for me." Ask most women what kind of guy they want and they say things like "I want a nice guy."

Ok, if that were really true and you're a nice guy, why isn't she interested? I used to think like this for a long time. Then one night I got so fed up with it, I started acting like a cocky jerk. Don't misunderstand me. I didn't act like a total, mean a-hole; but a teasing jerk. In a nutshell, I had gotten to the point where I didn't care what her response was to me.

I started making fun of my date. I teased her about her braids. I would crack jokes when she'd say something. I would hardly laugh and kept a straight face. And before I knew it, she was laughing and punching me on the arm. She was really into me.

When that happened to me many years ago, it was a HUGE "aha" moment that turned my life around.

3. "I'm not rich, tall, and don't look like a Men's Fitness model". Here's another belief that a lot of men have that destroy their chances with hot women. Sure, there are some women that only date model-looking guys.

But you know what happens? Most of those guys turn out to be boring and totally uninteresting. Besides, you'll learn how to "weed" out the women that have that criteria for their men. In many cases, if you learn my material, she'll be attracted to you and won't even know why. You'll be surprised and shocked at how you can do this.

In my material, you'll learn the #1 thing that will make a woman want you. It has nothing to do with money, cars, or fame. It has to do with what's going in your head and learning how to convey certain things to her with your voice and body language.

4. "You have to lie, manipulate, and be someone totally different". I realized we've covered these already, but I get the same e-mails and phone calls I really want to drill these into your head.

You don't have to change who you are. You don't have to be insincere. However, you do need to augment what you already have. And you do this by learning new skills.

That's it!

You see, when men act "nice" and don't want to offend a good-looking woman, what are they doing? They are trying to manipulate her into liking them!

You can still be you. You can still be sincere. But do it without giving up your own personal male power.

Are You Ready? This Is Just A SMALL Sampling On What You're Going To Learn:

  • The #1 complaint I get from men is they "don't know what to say" to a hot woman. I'll show you some real-life examples that I use to NEVER run out of things to talk about.

  • I answer the question "Do you have to be really handsome to attract a woman?" in much more detail. The answer just may shock you.
The Date Pro Ebook:  How To Talk To, Meet, and Date Attractive Women
  • Why "hypnosis" and other "seduction" techniques just plain don't work. What to do instead and why it's much more effective.

  • The #1 Reason why men fail with women. It's so obvious you might not even be aware of it.

  • Women are extremely hungry for this one thing. If you can understand and master this one thing that women are hungry for, you'll have more women than you can handle. I even explain WHY they hunger for this and why most men don't get it.

  • I talk about the 7 female personality types and which ones you should watch out for. How you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

  • Is there a way to practice talking to women without leaving your home? Many of you won't be ready to just run out there and start practicing your material on hot women. I've found a much better way to do it. Practice your material without leaving your home or the office. I show you exactly where and how to do this. I also give you some real-life examples.

  • Are you an 18 year old college student? A 50 year old executive? A 38 year old divorced man? I go into detail why having the right mindset is far more important than "technique". I also go into "why" this works for men of all ages and backgrounds.

  • The 98-1-1 Principle that no one else teaches. Too many other dating "gurus" spend way too much time on pick up lines, seduction techniques, and other stuff that just doesn't work. They don't talk about the 98-1-1 principle and why it's the "foundation" to ALL dating success.

  • A lot of my students get "stuck" on one particular girl. I explain why this robs you of all your power and how to overcome the "tunnel vision" that is actually scaring her away.

  • I could make a lot of empty promises such as giving you a "magic formula" or the perfect "pick up" line to make more sales but.... I tell it how it is. I give you the reality of the dating world, how women think, and what they respond to. No fluff here. There are no "magic bullets". The closest thing to a "magic bullet" or "secret tip" is to get some new knowledge and take consistent action. The "knowledge" part is where I come in. It's up to you on the action part.

  • Where are the BEST places to meet hot women? Is it at a bar or night club? I'll tell you right now, I've met a lot of women in bars, pubs, and clubs. But it's NOT the best place to meet women. I've got over ten pages on WHERE you can meet women. I'm talking about where you can go where they HAVE to talk to you AND they out number the men. Hardly any men do this.

  • Are you painfully shy? Most other books don't even cover this topic and just tell you to "get over it." Since I used to be VERY shy, I'll share with you 5 Week Program to overcome this. I can't promise that it will work for you. All I can say that it's worked for me and many of my students.

  • Everyone talks about being "confident" when talking to women. You know what, there are two types of confidence. You better make sure you have the right kind. I talk about these two kinds and SHOW you how to build the RIGHT kind.

  • Tired of women not returning your phone calls? I show you a few simple tactics that will reduce this - big time!

  • Why "being yourself" is not necessarily a bad thing. However, you need to do this ONE thing to make it work for you.

  • What's the fastest, easiest way to get a woman's e-mail address? I'll share my 3 minute technique that even a trained monkey can use. It's so simple, you'll wonder why you didn't come up with it sooner.

  • What do you do when women "test" you? What do you do when they only give you "one-word" answers? What do you do when they ask you questions? I explain why women test you. What to watch out for and how it's actually a GOOD SIGN when a woman does this to you. This alone will get you more dates and hold her interest.

  • Did you know that women don't make a CONSCIOUS decision to be attracted to you? There are certain triggers that cause a woman to be attracted to you. Physical looks is a very small part of it. I share the rest of these parts with you.

  • Do you get nervous around women? Do you feel like everyone is watching you when you're at a party? Do you stutter when you talk to hot women? I show you how to build REAL confidence. I also give you a step-by-step plan on how to overcome this.

  • Asking certain questions will turn women off faster than a kitchen appliance. I share with you what NOT to say to make sure the date doesn't end before it starts. Or even worse, before you even get her contact info.

Here Are Five Good Reasons To Believe What I Say

One: I give it to you straight. I'm NOT going to promise you that you're going to get dates with 3 really, hot women this weekend. I'm not saying that it is not possible. However, I don't know you personally. I don't know if you'll actually use the information and give it an honest try. So how could I guarantee you such a thing?

Two: This isn't something that I dreamed up one day and wrote about. I've spent years and endless hours researching this stuff. Once you dive into the material, you'll see that this is true. This is stuff mom never taught us. I've walked up to and have talked to hundreds of hot girls of all ages (18 an up). I've also dated women that would knock your socks off.

Three: When I used to offer my personal coaching services I charged $250 an hour and no one has ever asked for a refund because what I teach really works. I no longer offer phone coaching anymore because I want to focus on other aspects of my business. So, the ONLY way to talk to me for personal one-on-one coaching is if you're a customer and this could change at anytime.

Four: I don't hide behind a web site. I've had the same office phone number for years. It's 1.714.264.0471. All I ask is that you read the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section before calling. I'm just an average, normal guy who's figured this stuff out and now want to help as many serious men as possible through my products.

Five: Don't take my word for it, just take a look at what some of my students are saying (I keep a copy of every single one of these, in case you're skeptical):

"You were right, it is easy to meetwomen when you know how and..."

"...I'm dating my first ever perfect 10 thanx to you!"

David M., New York, USA

"I'm a Junior in college and never ever had a girlfriend.....now I can't keep track of all thegirls I've hooked up with..."

"....and the biggest things I learned from you was it's actually pretty easyto meet girls....just walk up to them and talk! The other big thing I learned was there's noneed to lie to women. Have high integrity, high confidence, and be the alpha dog and they willcome to you. Bra, ya changed my life man!"

Donald M., UCLA student

"I am getting more attention, text messages and emails from women."

"Hi Rod,

I would like to let you know that you are a star. I have been approaching a number of women (regardless of race) and I would get positive more responses than before I read the e-book (it is now my bible and it works). I fortunately have always approached women directly without hesitation (with the e-book, I have gained more tact).

The point of body language, withholding personal information, focusing the conversation around the woman is working perfectly as I am now able to hold the womens' attention. I've never had this level of success with women beforeyour book.

I will let you know of any refinements you need to make on your e-book, if there are any.


Zengae P., South Africa

"Did I mention I'm now dating twowomen after only one month?"

"...as one of those 37 year old "divorced" men you talked about in one of your recentfree teleseminars, I got motivated and bought your ebook. Frankly, I didn't understand most of itwhen I first read it. But I went on faith, did the exercises at the end of the book. A month laterI'm dating two women. I'll never forget our phone conversations. Thanx again Rod. Your mate....

Tom B., Brisbane, Australia

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I've Invested Years of My Time So You Don't Have To Waste A Minute of Yours

I've spent the last several years dating, talking to, interviewing, very attractive women to find out what makes them tick. I'mone of the very few authors on and off the Internet that does this.

I've also spent the last 16 years studying human psychology. I have a goodunderstanding on how the human mind works. Especially the female mind.

Endless hours were spent putting all this material together for you. I've left out all the fluff so you can begin utilizing these strategiesalmost immediately!

So if you're easily impressed by a 600 page book full of useless fluff, thenthis e-book isn't for you. But if you like hard-hitting, straight-to-the-pointinformation in a short, concise format so you can begin usingthe material in a few short hours, then this is for you.

You're goingto learn more than just "how to date" or "what to say".

I'm also going to show you the"deep psychology" on what gets a woman attracted. You'll quickly learn that women that are ONLY impressed by money or looks are women you shouldn't waste your time on. Trust me on that one.

Warning: Do Not Invest In Any Other Course That Does Not Meet The Following Criteria:

I know that there are a lot of other books and programs that you can order out there. In fact, some of them are really good. However, most of them are not.

Here is what I think sets my program apart from the rest.

  • 1."The Date Pro" eBook isn't a book based on theories or "far out" tactics that no one would really use.

    I've spent the last 16 years studying human psychology. I've applied what I learned in the specific area of dating attractive women over the past several years with spectacular results. You're going to learn real-world tactics for the real-world. You'll also get examples of conversations, online chats, and tough situations.

    You see, I talk to attractive women, face-to-face, virtually every single day. I'm constantly improving my game and share my results by constantly upgrading my ebook and giving you unlimited lifetime upgrades!

  • 2. Most books promise you that you'll get laid by this "weekend", that you can get hot women even if you're "bald and fat", or other such nonsense.

    I don't understand how people can make such guarantees when they don't know you personally. That's why you'll never hear me write or say that can I guarantee you will get dates with "3 hot women by this weekend." I'm not saying it's not possible. I'm just saying I can't make that guarantee when I don't know you.

    I do guarantee that if you apply the material consistently that you will see measurable results. That much I CAN promise you.

    Simply put, if you follow my instructions and consistently apply what I teach, you will get more dates. This is why I give you a WHOLE year to try it out. And in the unlikely event that it doesn't, that is what the risk-free, no-hassle, guarantee is for. So I take all the risk in sharing my hard-earned information with you, while you have everything to gain.

  • 3. After you read "The Date Pro", I don't just leave you hanging.

    After you read most books, you're done. That's it. Then you encounter a situation that might not be covered in my book (otherwise it would be 1,000 pages long!). Guess what? You get UNLIMITED PRIORITY e-mail coaching support for 90 days. You get my private e-mail address reserved ONLY for people who have invested in themselves.

  • 4. "The Date Pro" isn't just about meeting women in bars, pubs, and night clubs.

    Bars and clubs are good places to meet women, but there are much BETTER places to meet them. Places where they out number men. Places where they HAVE to interact with you. I've had success just about everywhere. But these places almost make it TOO EASY. If you're just starting out, you'll learn where these places are and what to do.

  • 5. If you are a college student or hang out with college students. I share my very own "Greek Strategy" that you can use to meet a TON of hot women (and no, you don't have to be in a Fraternity to use it).

    I share with you what I did when I went to college to get invited to the BEST parties and hooked up with the hottest girls. To my knowledge, NO ONE else is teaching this. If you're under 30, you'll love this!!

  • 6. "The Date Pro" strategies are simple.

    Most martial arts boil down to a few basic, simple moves. If you can "master" them, you can become a black belt in no time. The same principle applies here. If you can "master" just a few of the "core" principles in this material, you'll see FASTER results.

    I don't spend 10-20 pages full of "mental exercises" for you to do just to make my e-book "appear" longer. Studies have shown that less than 2% of people actual do them. Instead, I give you what has worked for me and my students, time and time again. A lot of my strategies can be used in just minutes after you read them.

  • 7. I teach the SIFT-SORT-CLOSE method based on years of direct-selling experience. No one else teaches this.

    When I applied certain sales techniques to my offline and online dating using Findmate, my results increased by over 477%! No, that is NOT a misprint! I show you my SSC (Sift, Sort, Close) system that will help you eliminate rejection, flaky or materialistic women, and increase your chances of having a BLAST with your dates. This alone is going to save you endless hours of time and great sums of cash.

  • 8. My strategies don't just work here in the USA and isn't only for men under 30.

    I've received e-mails from all over the world that my material has helped my students with their dating results. I also get e-mails from men in their 40s, 50s, and even a few from men in their 60s. I get e-mails from men in India, the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, to just name a few.

    Women become attracted to men for reasons that date back hundreds of thousands of years. My strategies are based on this. This is why this stuff will work just about anywhere.

How Much Are You Willing To Invest To Learn How To Talk To, Meet, and Date More Hot Women? Or Even Just One?

Ok, ok...so you're convinced. If you've made it this far you realize thatdeep down you need to learn some new "skills". Even if you do have success with women, you'd like to take it to the next level.

Here's aninteresting fact:

The average date here in the USA costs a man about $75! The average dinnercosts $50, not including drinks or a tip. It varies in othercountries, but it's usually not cheap. And many times, a man has to go on a fewdates just to get anywhere!

I see way too many men spend unnecessary money on dinner, drinks, movies, gifts, flowers, anda lot of other stuff thinking that this is what women want.

There's nothing wrong with these things if you know when and how to do them. I see too many mendo this stuff on the first date. It sends her the wrong signals.

I also see a lot of men struggle with their words, what to do on the first date,or how to find that special someone. They waste months, even years oftheir time doing the wrong things.

Let me ask you. What price tag do you place on your time? You can never get your timeback. Also, what if you can learn the following:

  • How to build real confidence and develop a powerful mind set.

  • Amaze your circle of friends with your new found "ability" to talk to any woman, any where!

  • Actually save tons of money by not having to go out on expensive dates. What would it be worth to YOU if you no longer had to BUY expensive gifts or take her out to costly dinners?

  • If you could just get ONE more date with a very HOT woman, how much would that be worth to YOU?

  • If you knew WHAT to say to a hot girl and HOW To say it and know exactly what to do in ANY situation, what would that be worth to you?

Since you're smart, I know you can easily see the value of this information that isn't taught anywhere else.

Just do the math yourself. How much have you spent on other material that comes with no e-mail or live coaching? How much have you spent on your last 3 dates? How much time have you wasted on stuff that just plain doesn't work?

I know plenty of men who will spend over $100 just going out with theirfriends, yet my life-changing information is just a fraction of that. Andit will last a lifetime, not just one night.

Learning this "insider" knowledge can help you get more dates,have more fun, and you'll never, ever cave into a hot, smart woman again.And if it doesn't you get every penny back that you invested.

I'm just an average-looking guy who is having the TIME of his life. AndI want YOU to experience the same thing. Whether it's with one woman or several at a time.

And to make this deal even sweeter, I'm going to throw in some greatbonuses worth over $165!

  • You get an additional one hour audio seminar titled, "How To Go From Wimp To Stud In Less than 30 Days" that I did recently for a group of paying customers. The phone seminar cost $24, you get the audio for free just for investing in the ebook. You get this sent to you 30 days after you order.

    You're going to learn how to turn a woman on and make you virtually irresistible! (Please note: you will have to use good judgment when using these techniques. If she says "no", you have to stop! Always respect a woman's boundaries).

  • You get UNLIMITED LIFETIME upgrades (worth at least $37).
  • Since I am constantly dating and talking to hot women, I come up with new tactics and techniques. I also regularly attend seminars and mastermind with other men and women that have successful dating lives.

    When I update my ebook, you get the updated copy for FREE! You get the latest, most cutting edge information before anyone else.

  • UNLIMITED email coaching for 90 days (worth at least $67)
  • You get quality coaching from me personally for 90 days. And just so you don't feel pressured, your 90 period doesn't start until you first contact me. So if you wait 6 months or 5 years, it won't matter. The 90 period doesn't start until you first ask for the coaching.

  • Thirty minutes of LIVE coaching with me PERSONALLY (worth at least $37.50).
  • Sometimes an ebook and email coaching isn't enough. I don't want you to read it and do nothing. So I offer a free, no-hassle 30 minute live coaching session with me personally.

    Successful dating coaches are always high in demand, so you should be suspicious when someone offers free, unlimited live coaching. You usually get what you pay for.

    Our coaching session will be very discreet and private. Coaching is always personalized to the needs of the customer. You will never get a sales pitch for anything, only quality coaching to help you achieve dating success.

I could easily charge $97 or more for this information. At that price itwould still be a bargain for you because I've spent yearslearning this material. I've also spent countless hours putting it all together for you.In fact, I get a lot of e-mails saying I am charging way too little for this.

Here's the deal: you can pick up "The Date Pro" ebook and all the bonuses worthover $165 for only $47. That'sfar less than what the average date costs (dinner, drinks, and a movie).

All I ask in return is that you read the material at least TWICE. Then I want you to tryout some of the techniques that I teach.

Then send me an e-mail (or call us) and give me your HONEST feedback on what you thought about it.I can't get more fairer than that.

I'm willing to eat the cost in both my time and money to make sure you get the BEST product out there. So, there's NO risk on your part. Read below to see why:

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I want you to read, learn, and apply what "The Date Pro" has to teach you.

Most other ebooks offer a wimpy 30 day or 90 day guarantee. But you know what?I know you're busy. I also know that while some of the techniques can be usedright away, others take more time.

So you don't evenhave to decide now.

I want you to take a whole year to try out this ebook. That's right,A WHOLE YEAR to try it out. If you don't get at least ONE date with a hot,attractive women AND have a GREAT time doing it over the next year, I don'twant your money.

I'll cheerfully refund your money. NO QUESTIONS. NO HASSLES. I really am taking ALL the risk here, not you. So make sure you order today!

How to Talk To, Meet, and Date Attractive Women

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To your dating success,


Rod Cortez, Author
The Date Pro: How To Talk To, Meet, And
Date Hot, Attractive Women - 2007 Version

P.S. You're just minutes away from getting your very own copy! You can read the e-book injust one sitting. You won't find pages of worthless mind exercises and a bunch of useless pictures. Onlyhard-hitting, proven techniques that my students and I use.

P.P.S. Frankly, who cares what I say. Here are just a few more e-mails thatI received recently. This stuff truly works! So act now and you'll benefit for the rest of your life!

"Your advice has worked like a charm...."

...before I was a loser who stuttered when I talked to woman and could not even get their name. But now i have so much confidence and I hold nothing back. I just let it hang loose and be funny, now not only do I get their name and get their number, I get invited in all the time!

And after I get in, we usually have a long enjoyable kiss. So thank you so much for all your help you have really turned my life around you are a saint.



"Using your advice, I rescued this cutegirl from this other guy and now we're dating..."

......I went to a night club with some friends yesterday, the evening was to celebrate a friend's birthday. I went in, fashionably late of course, and went straight up to the bar where my friend was receiving presents, not looking at anyone else the whole way. I greeted her, and gave her her gift. She opened it, and then I found I was standing next to one of my great friends from school.

We had a chat and a laugh, and then he had to go and play on stage as he was a part of the band that was playing there live. When he left I had a flick around the room with my eyes, and noticed a girl looking at me. Oooh the butterflies. I held her gaze, and after a little while she smiled shyly and looked away.

It was one of those "Oh yeah!" moments! She was very hot and dressed very individually. So I went over there and you will NOT believe this but one of my girl friends says to me just as I am about to make conversation with this girl; "Hey, I know someone who fancies you..."

"Really? Another?" I reply grinning, and she tells me about this girl who noticed me last week at this same nightclub. And all the while the girl who was looking at me was listening! It was fab - she already knew I had sparked interest in others.

Then this arrogant guy in a red jacket came over, and started hitting on her (I seriously could NOT believe my luck), doing the classic wimpy-assed moves I used to do not so long ago... She looked really annoyed and disgusted by him, and she looked at me in a "please help me" kind of way.

....Red jacket guy stood a little way away, and when I asked her who he was she said she "didn't know", and I gave him a big smile and a thumbs up (yeah... you go, sucker...). He smiled back patronizingly and made a gesture then walked off. She looked so relieved. I made fun of jacket guy and other wimpy men, and we carried on talking. She told me her name was Terry, after I commented that I loved her bag and asked her where she got it (pure GOLD Rod - she opened up so much after that!).

After that it was ridiculously EASY I talked to her about balloons (of all things...) and Brad and Jennifer's recent break-up, and then I played a role-play game like you suggested. Then I find out that my friend who is playing in the live band's girlfriend is best friends with the girl I like and so the four of us have a chat, it's going great! Terry keeps looking at me with that longing look in her eyes...

Red jacket guy was watching us the whole time. I gave him a little wave, then put my arms around Terry. The look on his face - absolutely priceless.

The main thing is I cannot BELIEVE how well all your hints and techniques worked - I would never ever have been able to build up enough attraction to kiss a girl within an hour of meeting her before reading your material, and certainly not beaten away other guys!

Anyway, that's the end of the success story. I've got more to tell too!

~Alex, UK

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